Getting out of the restaurant rut by trying Courthouse 2021

fish on skate board - 1

There was a twist in today’s schedule. When D reported to his marshal job at 1:00 pm he was told that a kid’s camp was taking over the course and he wouldn’t be needed. (Yes, it would have been nice to know in advance.) He made a sweep of the course and came home after a couple hours.

Because he often doesn’t get home until 7:30 or 8:00 pm during the summer, the Adventurers had planned separate dinners. Now they could join up, and instead of gong to one of their tried and true regular they headed to Redwood City to try the newish Courthouse 2021.

They liked their high top table that was next to an open window, making them feel out of doors even though they were inside. And the liked the variety of choices on the menu. They started with the restaurant’s signature flatbread; L had whole fish and D the lamb shank. Both excellent. The slight blemish was the server was lovely and pleasant but clearly had little or no training. They’ll be back.

Pictured is L’s whole Branzino. Wow, what a plate…

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