Heading to the Sierras on Kiddos Summer Adventure 2018

Grace and James arrived last night all packed and ready for the Adventurers’ summer grandkid getaway.

Gracie on ropes_hori - 1

The destination this year is the Evergreen Lodge, which is in the Stanislaus National Forest near the Hetch Hetchy entrance to Yosemite.

Kiddos at Roadhouse_vert - 1On the way they stopped at a diner that both L and D had passed numerous times, the 50s Roadhouse. It was filled with popular entertainers of their long ago childhood, some of whom Gracie had actually heard of. The decor outpaced the food but it was still a fun stop.

Next up was Rainbow Pool, a fabulous watering hole just off Highway 120. Teens were jumping off 15-foot cliff, which the kiddos expressed an interest in doing. The Adventurers were not keen on the idea, although there was some negotiation that on the way home if D jumped first and waited for the kiddos at the bottom.

They arrived at the Lodge to find their room perfectly situated next to the pool, which the kiddos hit with gusto. And just down the hill was rope course.

There was a concert during dinner time and lots of running around. The place is packed with guns…

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