Heading out on a real hike to Carlon Falls

James and Grace near downed log - 1

D, James and Grace at swimming hole fixed - 1The slightly over three mile hike to Carlon Falls was labeled “easy” with just a short, steep quarter-mile at the end. It’s also considered one of the best swimming holes in the country.

And indeed most of the way was on good surface with a minimum of rocks and roots. The challenge that was not mentioned that there are close to 50 down trees that you need to navigate either over and under.

The kiddos did so nimbly. Both exhibited mountain goat athleticism. L is now far from a mountain goat but she made her way.

L with the log L - 1She did chose not to go down the the swimming hole by the lower falls. D, James and Grace all braved very, very chilly water. They could all say “we did it.”

On the way back, they were almost at the car when Grace spied an “L” made out of logs. Of course L had to pose there…

Hike/moderate/3.8 miles

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