A butt-kicking, three-mile hike on a hot day in Saratoga

Mag finds a creek - 1

The headline says it all. The Adventurers continued their “try something new” and journey south to Sanborn Park in Saratoga. It’s a lushly wooded park of close to 3,500 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

D watches Mag take a dip - 1It’s main claim to geologic fame is that the San Andrea Fault cuts diagonally through the park. Lore has it that during the 1906 earthquake, the Lake Ranch Reservoir “shook like a horse emptied much of its water” and that some streams changed courses.

They didn’t hike near the Reservoir, which turned out to be a good decision as another hiker told them the lake was almost dry as repairs were being made.

It was already toasty when they started out. The good news was that the trail was almost entirely shady. Thank goodness as the first half mile up is a category 5 climb, meaning steep, steep, steep. The good news for Maggie was that there were fountains she could lay in and, even better, a large stream to get even wetter.

They hiked up the Sanborn Trail for about a mile and a half, turning around at a little circle, and heading back towards the Peterson Trail, which they took downhill. It was just a steep going down and the going was slow. The finished the hike on the San Andreas Trail, which leveled off.

Their reward was a good lunch at the Big Basin Cafe in Saratoga…

Hike/moderate to difficult due to steepness/3 miles

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