A return to the heat – and the steep – with Tilden Park hike

Mag and D on ridge top at Tilden_vert - 1

The Adventurers have been trying to “try some place new” most Tuesdays. Today, D suggested Tilden Park and plotted a hike that he did warn would have some steep stretches.

Mag and D on trail at Tilden_vert - 1An attraction to heading to Berkeley and that park was that temps were forecast to be in the mid-70s, cooler than the mid-Peninsula. Evidently not wanted to feel “left out of the heat spell,” temps were already in the low 80s when they set out on a hike that not only had some mini butt kicker steep places but the trails were often in full sun and strewn with lots and lots of walks.

L and The Mag complained. The four-legged hardy friend finally said “I’m done,” and D had to carry her for stretch. L just limped along.

That’s the bad news. The good news was absolutely gorgeous 365 degree views. And in places, you felt like you were high in the mountains not in the middle of an urban area.

They’ll be back when it’s cooler as the only explored a small section of a park that’s spreads into Oakland and Orinda as well as Berkeley.

Fun facts: The park opened in 19376 and is home to a Herschell-Spillman merry-go-round as well as a steam train. The latter L had written with Gracie when she was young…

Hike/moderate with some steep climbs/4.45 miles


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