Back to Sanborn Park – shady, less steep but still toasty

The Mag and D in front of boulder_Skyline Trail - 1

The Adventurers and The Mag headed back to Sanborn Park today but in an entirely different location than their first hike a couple of weeks ago.

This time the started high and got higher – to almost 3,000 feet- hiking along the Skyline Trail, which starts (or finished depending on your perspective) at the Sunnyvale Mountain parking lot off of Skyline Blvd.

Todd Creek Redwoods_Skyline Trail - 1L had read an article describing the hike as good to do on a hot day, as it’s almost completely in the shade, thanks to a thick canopy of Madrone, tanoak, and Douglas fir, along with California bay and big leaf maple. The footing is easy with very few rocks or tree roots to dodge.

The article had also described it as “almost flat,” which the Adventurers would dispute. It was no way as steep as their earlier buck kicker, more lots of up and down rollers. But flat it was not. That’s ok as it provided a good workout.

What’s nice about the trail is not only the canopy and shade but there are many big boulders along the way. Maggie explored one that also housed a picnic table. The kiddos would have been up and down them all.

Rather than doing an out and back on the Skyline Trail, the Adventurers descended down a little under a half a mile to the Todd Creek Redwoods. There the Mag found the smallest of mud puddles to splash around in.

She got a bath when they got home. D said he’d never seen a dirtier dog. She wasn’t concerned, of course…

The Mag and D at picnic table in boulders_Skyline Trail - 1

Hike/easy-to-moderate/3.8 miles

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