Channeling the music of M-A classmates at Fleetwood Mac tribute band concert

Fleetwood Mac tribute band - 1

D and Stevie - 1The Adventurers agree that one of their favorite summer pastimes from the 90s was attending concerts at Frost Amphitheater on the Stanford campus. (It was also a favorite venue for riding their bikes when they were kids.)

Tonight they came close to that experience with an outdoor concert on the lawn next to Bing Auditorium. What made it even more fun was the fact that it was a Fleetwood Mac tribute band performing the entire Rumors album plus some other fan favorites.

D swam with Lindsey Buckingham (who the real Fleetwood Mac just fired) and Steve Nicks came their high school when she was a senior, strumming a guitar even then.

All these years, D has maintained he didn’t get to talk with her at their 30th reunion. But a photo unearthed just yesterday proves him wrong. The ever gallant D is helping a fellow classmate off the ground as she tripped on her way to Stevie…

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