Beating the heat at Mori Point in Pacifica

D and the Mag at Mori Point - 1

If you grew up on the Peninsula you knew that a good place to escape the summer heat was in Pacifica, on the coast just south of San Francisco – and almost always foggy during the summer.

What L didn’t know was that there was some good hiking near the town. Mori Point, where the Adventurers headed today along with The Mag, is one example. It’s part of the Golden Gate National Recreation with is largely dog friendly – yeah!

more d and mag at Mori - 1

Mori Point was saved from development in 2000. It’s past includes bootlegging and motorcycle racing. Today there are a lot of trails criss-crossing the area and signs of its military use, presumably during World War II (although it was never military land.) Graffiti provides some color amidst the grey, even if the Adventurers don’t approve.

The Adventurers and Maggie hiked up the Coastal Trail and then down to a sea wall that separates Pacifica from the Pacific Ocean. It stayed foggy, although with not much wind, it wasn’t cold.

The highlight was seeing a big hawk up close. L did a bit of street photography which she’s calling “Psychedelic amidst the grey.” That’s Mori Point in the background…

psychedelic amidst the grey - 1

Hike/moderate/4.75 miles

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