Mag-less walk along old familiar trail in Woodside

D with olive trees - 1 (1)

The Adventures dropped Maggie off at her new old groomer for a much needed haircut this morning. Jennifer once worked at PetCo but now has her own shop, so it was dog/groomer reunion.

D with trail sign - 1L had the time constraint of a late morning appointment so couldn’t venture far, so they parked at the junction of Woodside and La Canada roads and set off on the latter, heading north. This was a much traveled trail during the Cassie years.

It provides some good looks at estate homes and horses, particularly after the turned left on Olive Hill. Yep, there are olive trees along the route (top photos).

They also discovered a new trail when they ran into local resident – and real estate developer – Chop Keenan who L had meet years ago through friends who worked with him.

He owns a large estate and showed the Adventures the little trail that skirts his property, a way that avoids always busy Woodside Road. And he and D talked water sports, both of which they were involved with, so they knew many folks in common.

It was a bit of serendipity that made the morning outing fun…

Hike/easy/3.5 miles

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