Visiting new California Trails area of Oakland Zoo starts “Kiddos Summer Adventure – take two”

Grace with eagle wings - 1

The Adventurers headed to Moraga this morning to pick up James and Grace for their second summer kiddos adventures. This time they’re staying local and giving it a California theme.

James and Grace as zoo explorers - 1

First stop was the brand new California Trail area of the Oakland Zoo, which you reach by taking a gondola, a journey in itself!

The animals and birds are selected for their historical significance to California and status in the wild. Their expansive new habitats are among the largest in the world and designed under the collaboration of animal behavior experts and wildlife experts. The species are American bison, Black bears, Grizzly Bears, Brown bears, Mountain lions, Jaguars, California condors, Gray wolves and Bald eagles.

James looks at bison_view - 1

The wolves were hiding today but they were able to spot the other animals and birds,  mostly just lazing about, although the Grizzly bears were wandering around. The bisons included many calves.

The lack of actual animal photos included here was due to the fact that the kiddos were always examining/interacting with the various educational areas of the exhibit. They also enjoyed romping in the play area at the very top of the area. The views over the Bay Area would have been spectacular if it wasn’t for the smoke from the numerous wildfires.

James and Grace as on Tiger roller coaster - 1

Much effort has been made to make this a modern zoo experience, including better than average food choices. Not a churro in sight until they wandered down to the area where the rides were, favorites since Grace and James were toddlers. (Think Grace rode the roller coaster first when she was three; they’re in the rear car in the shot above.)

Good start to the visit…music in the park tonight…

Walk/easy/two miles

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