Big milestone reached at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

soaring in air - 1

The Adventurers don’t think they rode the Big Dipper at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk until they were in at least junior high, maybe even high school. So Grace already had it all over them when she rode it last summer prior to entering fourth grade.

on Big Dipper - 1This year it was James turn. Like they always do they arrived at the Boardwalk right when it opened and headed right over the Big Dipper. James was all in until it was time to board, then he bailed.

As L quickly switched places so she could ride with Gracie, D and James head back down the stairs. But wait! At the very last moment, he stopped and got in a middle car. And he did it.

And then the minute the ride was over the two kids headed right back and rode it all on their own.

on log ride - 1

It was the start of the day that the kiddos graduated to the bigger kid rides, if not the totally scary three or four full teen rides, as defined as nothing no one else in the right mind would get in.

The old Boardwalk is incredibly well maintained with a huge variety of food choices (not all junk). Probably one of California’s sort of hidden secrets. They’ll be back next summer…

Walk/easy/1.75 miles

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