Miniature golf and arcade make good outing on a hot day

Grace at arcade - 1

The Adventures and kiddos got an early start, arriving at Golfland in Sunnyvale soon after it opened. The forecast was for hot weather and they wanted to get the golf part of the adventure out of the way.

James at Golfland - 1L remembers going to this location when she was a girl, probably before the now long gone miniature golf course opened on Marsh Road, which was closer. D didn’t think he’d been here before.

It’s a old school kind of course, that goes for relatively easy if your shot is straight to tricky given some mounds the little white ball just doesn’t want to go up and in to.

Everyone got frustrated at time – and everyone got at least one hole in one

Afterwards, it was inside to the arcades. James liked the ones where he was a shooter or driver; Gracie opted more for games of skill. Don’t know what to read into either of that.

They got enough points to redeem (cheesy) prizes…

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