Humid morning walk in hilly Pasadena and environs

Tai Chi at Lacy Park_sized - 1

After breakfast in the Club room, the Adventurers exited the Langham Huntington for a what was a very humid walk in Pasadena and San Marino.

D at war memorial at Lacy Park - 1Some of the route traced what L had done years ago when she and Chris would jog before work and do a much longer route on Saturdays. It often took them to Lacy Park in San Marino, and that was one stop today.

There was a lot of activity – walkers, joggers, Tai Chi group. And they stopped to look over the large war memorial that chronicles all the 20th century wars and local participants who lost their lives.

D took over the controls for the walk back and his chosen route took them on narrow streets that not only had L never been on but didn’t know exist.

It’s part of the fun of exploring what’s pretty familiar, but not totally. The number of hills qualified it as a hike…

Hike/easy/3.35 miles

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