Different kind of Saturday with chef encounter, ending with annual summer BBQ

Mince BBQ - 1

Knowing that they were headed to church on Sunday morning with D then marshaling in the afternoon, the Adventurers headed downtown this morning, not their usual Saturday choice.

communal table and bar at Camper - 1But they had some stuff to buy and L wanted to get photos of the new Camper restaurant which will be opening over Labor Day. And that was their first stop. They peered in the windows and the door swung open and there was Chef Greg Kuzia-Carmel himself.

He’s the biggest chef to hit Menlo Park, well over, with due respects to pioneering chef Jesse Cool, who followed in the Alice Waters tradition. He game them a tour of the remodeled restaurant that was once LB Steak and talked about his casual concept combined with creative dishes. They’ll probably return during the soft opening next weekend.

After stops at Pet Place and Draegers, where L picked up cole slaw for the evening’s annual summer BBQ at Carol and Bill’s, they walked home, thinking how relatively cool it was for August.

The always fun BBQ was just that. Great food and wine selections. But the evening air chased most folks home by 10:00…

Walk/easy/4.6 miles

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