A visit to Happy Hollow with grandson Wilder and his parents

Jill and Wilder race - 1

The Adventurers took the last of their joint grandchildren, Wilder, to Happy Hollow today, making it officially five for five.

Jill and Wilder fly the dragon - 1Wilder’s parents, Jill and Tim, are on a northern California visit and D and L knew from experience that there’s no place better for a 3 3/4 year old that the cute farm with the kiddie rides.

It was also just the tonic for a kid that had been cooped up in a car for eight hours yesterday. They started off in the zoo in the hollow and if the animals themselves were not captivating, the chance to do some running and skipping and jumping sure hit the spot.

Then they made their way to the crooked house slide, which Wilder thought was great until he found the really big slides in the faux Western play structure with lots of ropes and two really big slides.

That added another 30 minutes or so to the clock before the hit the rides in earnest, including the biggest roller coast that Wilder had experienced, a perfectly sized training wheels of a coast. Plus there were car and bikes to drive and dragons to fly.

All in all a very successful day at Happy Hollow…

Jill measures wingspan - 1

Walk/easy/1.8 miles

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