Goodbye to Wilder and family and hello to the Cal League manager of the year

D, Jill and Wilder_vert - 1

Jill, Tim and Wilder headed out from Menlo Park this morning with the next stop Wilder Ranch before heading south, working their way back to San Diego. The obligatory self-portrait was taken in the Adventurers’ backyard.

Rick, D and Willie Mays - 1For D and L, it was off to San Jose Municipal Stadium to watch the SJ Giants take on the Stockton Ports led by Cal League manager of the year Rick Magnante, who just happens to also be friend Christine’s hubby.

They got to the ballpark early enough for Rick to come out of the dugout and visit a bit. After winning the first half, the Ports are battling for first place in the second half.

Today they made it look easy with two homers but catcher Collin Theroux, a local kid from San Mateo whose mom was sitting a few rows behind the Adventurers and noticed that they were cheering for the Ports, so said hello.

It’s been a busy few weeks. The weekend is going to be a little quieter…

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