Baylands hike on a smokey Labor Day

Smoky Baylands - 1

The Adventurers decided they had two choices today: head out to some semi-distant place for an all-day outing or hike close by and see Crazy Rich Asians in the afternoon.They choose the later and were glad they did.

Pelican and Cormorant at Baylands - 1The wind is now bringing smoke from the fires well north of them, from Oregon up to the Canadian border. The haze limited visibility – the East Bay hills were difficult to make out. But they could see some of the bird life close up, like the big Pelicans than made the Cormorants like smallish.

It was just warm enough the Maggie insisted on a dip in the Bay before they headed to Town and Country for a sandwich purchased as long-time standby Cheese House. They used to go there in high school.

They caught the mid-afternoon showing of Crazy Rich Asians, playing before a packed theater. The agreed with all the hype. It’s a fun, frothy summer movie…

Hike/easy/4 miles

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