Nice shady hike on a slightly forbidden path

D and the Mag on the little bridge - 1

A few weeks ago, L was out on a solo hike that she did frequently when she was dogless, going up along a canyon to Coal Mine Ridge. The Toyon Trail is supposedly not dog friendly, but she met quite a few canines on that busy Saturday.

D and the Mag on the bench - 1So, given that it was a weekday, the Adventurers decided to hike that trail, along with the Mag. They saw not a sole under the very bottom (actually Alpine Trail) where they encountered a horse and rider.

It was the perfect trail on a warm September day as it’s almost completely shady. The ascended on the Toyon Trail and then looped back on the Coalmine Trail, picking up the Toyon Trail again.

According to the book A History of Portola Valley by Nancy Lund & Pam Gullard, Toyon Trail was built by a group of 100 volunteer led by Herb Dengler, whose name appears at various trail junctions today.

Next time they want to go all the way to Lake Trail…

Hike/easy/4 miles


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