Off to San Diego for beginning of the birthday celebration

Old United aircraft - 1

The Adventurers headed up to SFO this morning to catch their flight to San Diego where they’d be celebrating D’s birthday with the Nugent clan a month early (due to Hall of Fame induction in October).

D with churros - 1They realized it had been quite some time since they’d flown out of SFO domestically and given their close in gate, took advantage of the small United Club room just across the way. The corridor leading in to it was graced with lots of old United planes, as was the Club room itself. Fun for aviation fan L to look at.

Once at their destination, the Fairmont Grand Del Mar (and grand it is although not without some service bumps), they headed up to the golf Clubhouse where there was a good happy hour. They mentioned the birthday festivities and the next thing they knew out came a cluster of churros (D’s favorite) and some ice cream topped with whipped cream and candles.

The chef came out to greet them, too, and talked about his stay at the Banff Springs Hotel where they’d stayed on their Canadian Rockies trip.

A good start to action packed weekend…

Hike/easy/1.4 miles

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1 Response to Off to San Diego for beginning of the birthday celebration

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    That IS a good start! Enjoy your San Diego stay and happy birthday to Dennis! We’re jeading home tomorrow from Paris. A wonderful trip— Normandy and Bretagne were quite impressive!
    Talk to you soon about Oct.

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