A celebratory birthday for Papa Nu a month before the actual day

D with grandkids - 1

D and his daughters - 1The Nugent clan gathered in Del Mar today to celebrate Papa Nu’s 70th birthday, albeit a month early due to some scheduling conflicts in October. Having all three daughters (and husbands) along with three grandchildren all in attendance was very special.

The festivities began with hike which the three preschoolers did just as well as the adults in attendance. The reward for pool time at the resort’s pool. Adults took turns getting in the water, but a highlight, at least to Lily, was having Paps Nu give there numerous Denny Dolphin rides. That means going under water and then coming up for some surface water swimming.

After a break for nap time, the group re-assembled for dinner on the terrace where D and L were staying. This was the wise suggestion of the front desk man at the hotel, who knew that kids can get antsy during a longer than usual meal.

Papa Nu blowing out candles - 1

And that did prove the case, but not after all three preschoolers sat through the meal before they were released to play on the lawn.

The good news: son-in-law Matt is a professional photographer so the photos are great…

three Nugent grandkids - 1

Hike/easy/two miles plus another mile

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