Hike in the [hidden] desert followed by an almost hole-in-one

Shaw Trail tunnel - 1

So, let’s just say the marketing descriptions of the very exclusive/very expensive resort hotel the Adventurers are staying at forgot to mention that it is surrounded by not-beautiful-at-all Southern California desert.

D's almost hole in one - 1That was apparent when the Adventurers headed out on a morning hike suggested by the hotel on the Shaw Trail, some of which was along adjoining lawn before intersecting with a dirt path that took them to the “scenic” underpass where D was photographed. L thinks they get away with it because few resort guests actually use the suggestive hiking paths.

That was all offset when D played the resort’s golf course, a Tom Fazio designed course that gets narry a mention on his website of golf courses he’s designed.

That was evident, as while the course looked pretty, it rarely played tough. Mostly D played respectful bogey golf. The afternoon was highlighted by a within inches hole in one. And L got to see it…

Hike/easy/three miles plus some legwork on the golf course

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