Taking a walk on a new-to-them section of the Bay Trail

Marsh land poster - 1

The Adventurers headed north this morning in order to walk at the new-to-them section of the Bay Trail that starts just south of SFO.

Egret in the Bay - 1The fog had lifted enough that they could see the planes taking off, the smaller craft to the east and the larger planes to the west, on the longer runway. One mystery was an all white 747 with no markings. A cargo plane? A movie plane? A quick look on the Internet revealed no conclusive answer.

Along the way, they spotted lots of shore birds on one side and the back side of hotels or event space on the other side. It was a scenic route if you kept you gaze toward the water.

Outbound they turned inland at Bayside Fields, which took them along a old land fill on one side and a marsh on the over – all smack in the middle of an urban area!

All in all a nice outing along the Bay…

Walk/easy/4.65 miles


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