First full day of Kiddos visit is a busy one

kiddos with bunnies - 1

The Kiddos arrived last night shortly before their bedtime, in time to cuddle with Maggie and watch one half of the movie Peter Rabbit, which has appeal for both generations.

Kiddos petting pony - 1So, after the usual bedtime visit (alas, we feel we may be at the end of this lovely ritual, given their age) it was up and off to the pancake breakfast held annually at the main station of the Menlo Park Fire Department. It’s an exercise in controlled chaos, with hundreds of preschoolers running amok.

But there was stuff for the older set to do as well, although James was more in to it than his older sister. Whatever your age, how many times can you climb all over state of the art fire engines.

Then it was off to Jasper Ridge Farm that was holding its annual Fun on the Farm fundraiser. The big payoff was when the gates to the animals were left open so that kids and the adults who accompanied them, could visit with the animals up close. Both Grace and James got into it in a big way.

Kiddos and D at Peninsula Creamery - 1

Lunch took them into downtown Palo Alto as D just had to take both kids to his favorite Peninsula Creamery. And it was good in an old-fashioned way.

After a break, the kiddos took off to the local school yard where they enjoyed playing with the local kids.

Heavy Rescue_lead - 1

But its not over. Grace came home to help D make Key Lime Pie and then they all ate the traditional spaghetti dinner.

The night was finished with watching the second half of Peter Rabbit. Have I said it’s a darn good kid movie…

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