Annual visit to the Webb Ranch Pumpkin Patch is the highlight of the day

kiddos in corn maze_hori - 1

The kiddos have been going to the Webb Ranch Pumpkin Patch since they were half the size of the corn stalks that pepper the the area. And today they returned.

kiddos with snakes - 1But that would make it seem that was the only thing they did in the morning. First up was breakfast at Borrone  accompanied by the Mag (who was banned from the pumpkin patch). Then a quick stop at the Menlo Park Farmer Market,

By getting to the Pumpkin Patch shortly after opening, they though they’d beat the crowd. Guess that was what the other hundreds who showed up early thought, too.

The good news is that some of what interests the smallest kids is less interesting to the grade school kids. That meant Grace and James could go through the reptile holding line numerous times for numerous visits the the slithery things without much wait. It was one of the day’s highlights.

kiddos on hay bales - 1This year, there was not one bounce house but five, all in an area called Bounce Town. Initially disinterest by particularly Grace ended up as an hour of fun.

The new favorite was the corn maze. How many times did the kiddos go through it? We just stopped counting.

Did the day end then. Of course not. What would a visit to Menlo Park be without a swim at SCRA? And the weather cooperated…

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