On the D’s birthday, exploring the many parts of Big Sur

D at Partington Cove - 1

shadowy duo on D birthday - 1D joined the 70 club today, months after many of his classmates. The story goes that he was a premie and was actually due on or around L’s birthday. That would have meant he would have been a class behind.

After breakfast the walked the ridge top property that makes up Post Ranch Inn lodgings. There’s is one of the stand alone ocean view units with grass on the roof top (shown just beyond the shadowy duo).

Then they hit the road with first stop at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, where early on in their relationship that done a bit of butt kicker hike. Like many of the trails in the Big Sur area, it was closed due to fire/water damage from two years ago.

The short walk out to mcWay Falls was open, so they headed that way along with many, many other walkers. There were lots of Europeans and Millennials who appeared to be doing their last outing pre-baby. The falls was nice trickle, But not worth the hype.

D in hot pool - 1

It was then on to Partington Cove (top photo), which both the Adventurers had heard about but neither had ventured down to. It’s about a mile downhill from Highway One, a pretty cove that they saw from two different vantage points.

D blowing out candle - 1Back at the Post Ranch Inn, they split a burger and then enjoyed the larger of the two soaking pools, this one right at cliff’s edge. Of note: the view of the mountains from the Ranch is as spectacular as the ocean view.

Dinner was another four-course extravaganza at Sierra Mar. The sommelier found a well-priced Burgundy from Morey St. Denis, of course. And with dessert came a birthday candle. A nice way to turn 70, D declared…

Walks around Post Ranch and two hikes/easy to moderate/3.7 miles

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