The Adventurers celebrate their third wedding anniversary with hiking and relaxing

L with heart at Post Ranch Inn - 1

Early this morning, the fog had come in to cover the ocean, stopping short of the ridge where Post Ranch Inn sits – the magic of being in Big Sur in October.

Yesterday,  L poised by a heart sculpture that dots the Inn. It seemed more appropriate to post that photo today. How lucky she is!

The planned birthday hike was to to Pfeiffer Falls in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. But guess what, it was closed, not by the fire/rains of two years ago but another fire way back in 2008. So it’s been closed for 10 years. That includes a short spur from the Valley View trail which they took for a good out and back hike that was just hard enough to get their attention and easy enough to not wear then out too much.

D in Big Sur River - 1

When they were almost back to the parking lot, they spied a bunch of concrete strips across the Big Sur River, so D when out for a photo op.

They bought lunch at the Big Sur Deli and decided that a picnic on their private balcony would be a better way to celebrate their anniversary than another longish dinner. (Plus tomorrow night they’ll be at Clint’s place for a belated celebration!.)

How nice to have a lazy afternoon after so much go, go go. And to enjoy cocktails and dinner overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean…

D at picnic dinner anniversary - 1

Hike/moderate/3.2 miles

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