Getting a last look at the Post Ranch Inn trails (and turkeys)

D photographs Tree Houses_18th - 1

D with turkeys - 1L had the idea that the Adventurers would walk some of the Post Ranch Inn trails that they hadn’t been on previously before breakfast this morning, particularly because they’d be checking out later in the morning.

They were so glad they did as it gave them a greater appreciation of just how beautiful the property it.

From the ocean view/grass roofed cottage, they headed north along the coast line, passing some of the lodgings that are on stilts. They Ranch calls them tree houses and they do look like another fun alternative.

L with Big Tree - 1This is particularly true as they think they views of the mountains east are as stunning as watching views of the Pacific. This was particularly true this morning with the sun hitting the hills as it rose. Some of the artwork scattered around the property can be see on the left in the hill shot.

There are lots of redwoods on the property – L tried one on for size. And lots of turkeys. Not to mention bunnies and deer. Oh, and then there are the bats that come out about 30 minutes after the sun sets. They display their good dive-bombing self. Alas, no photo to show off their performance.

One oversight in our reports: We need to do all this hiking because the food at Sierra Mar is so, so good…

D with art and moutains - 1Hike/easy/2.3 miles


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