Surprising sights at Garapata State Park

bluff trail Garraparta - 1

shadowing at Garrapata - 1Evidently garapata means tick in Spanish, and there was indeed a sign warning of the insects at the inland trail head at Garapata State Park, which would be easy to miss if not for the parked cars along the road.

It’s about halfway between Big Sur and Carmel, so a good stopping place for the Adventurers for pre-lunch, pre-tee time (for D) leg stretcher.

The crossed Highway One and did a short but pretty walk along the bluff first. The terrain is covered with coyote brush, sagebrush, and bright red ice plant. A couple they met along the way took their photo. And they took a bluff top shadowy, too.

cactus at Garrapata - 1Then they took the Soberanes Canyon Trail which heads inland with views of redwoods and the Santa Lucia Mountain Range. The surprise was to turn around a bend and be greeted with a forest of cactus, a remnant, they presumed of its ranching days as this non-native to the area species needed human introduction.

They walked as long as a stream that needed forging. Given that they were in running shoes, not boats, the made a U-turn back to the car.

Needing lunch, D remembered the good lunch they’d had previously at Baja Cantina in Carmel Valley, so they headed there. That it was close to the golf course at Quail Lodge was the extra attraction. Like she’d done a month earlier, L was the cart driver while D played a decent round of bogey golf. Particularly at a brand new course…

Hike/easy/1.5 miles

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