Enjoying one last hike at Point Lobos State Reserve before heading home

Point Loos State Reserve Panorama - 1

Both driving down to Big Sur on Monday and driving back yesterday, it was clear that Point Lobos State Reserve is extremely popular, so much so that the parking lots fills up early in the day. That means motorists need to park on the shoulder of Hwy One and walk in, which is a good distance to all the popular spots.

Given the Adventurers were just three miles north of the Reserve – which can be seen both from their room and the dining room at Mission Ranch – they headed there this morning for a last hike before heading home.

Bird Island_ Point Loos State Reserve - 1

They parked at the second lot and first went north along the Coast, a walk both of them remember taking before, but not together.

The highlight was taking the trail south from the parking lot. While it was clear that a lot of motorists who do get access to the park, just drive from one parking lot to another, the Adventurers enjoyed the hike on slightly up and down trails with panoramic views in every direction.

Point Loos State Reserve_second panorama - 1

Their destination was Bird Island, which actually seemed like more than one island or inlet. The birds practice de facto segregation: pelicans in one area, cormorants in another with rogue seagulls touching down in both locations. How they figure this all out is a mystery, e.g. why these islands/inlets and not others?

After their good hike they stopped at Gayles in Aptos to pick up a take-home dinner. As always, they best…

Hike/easy/four miles

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