Halloween tradition with the kiddos continues

Grace Ghostbuster dance_lead - 1

Grace and James_Halloween 2018 - 1L has been celebrating Halloween with the kiddos since Grace was one year old. Early on there was a party at the Pumpkin Patch Preschool and trick or treating in her Menlo Park neighborhood.

Next chapter included celebrations at Grace’s school in Oakland, which was just down the street from James’ preschool.

For the last three years, they’ve been at the same school, Rheem Elementary in Moraga, and it was there they headed today for the annual paraded down by grade level, which is capped off the 5th graders dancing to Ghostbusters. Grace looked like she was enjoying herself!

James with classmates - 1

Grace and girl buddies - 1Both James and Graces looked suitable ghoulish and both gave the Adventurers a wave of recognition as they walked. They even poised for sister/brother photo.

Knowing they needed dinner, the Adventurers stopped in Orinda at their favorite hofbrau to pick up some take out. They then went around the corner to Loards ice cream,  where L went as a child as her mother’s best friend and family lived in Orinda. It still has that old timey feel…




D at Loards - 1

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