Enjoying our first Golden State Warriors game at Oracle

pre game festivities at Warriors game - 1

The Adventurers are big Golden State Warriors fans and have a tradition of watching the post season triumphs (and one disappointment) with their neighbor Kay on TV.

D and L at Warriors game - 1But tonight they attended their first game in person. A neighbor has put their season tickets for sale, and they chose a Saturday night game that started at 5:30 pm against the Brooklyn Nets.

Of course, you can’t know months in advance what players could be injured. And their bad luck was that both Steph Curry and Draymond Green were out of action. But there two favorites – Klay Thompson and Andre Igoudola were on court, much to their delight.

Their seats were in area called Sideline, which had its own eating area – nothing fancy like some of the clubs at Oracle, but good as it did cut down on the crowd. Alas, compared to AT&T, the food was just ok.

There’s a lot of spectacle that goes on during time outs and at the end of each quarter that’s not shown on TV, so that was fun to see.

And what was most fun was that the Warriors beat the Nets 116-100 – and Quinn Cook did a darn good imitation of Steph, scoring 27 points…

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