Seeing San Francisco through clouds of smoke

Smoky Lake Merced - 1

The Adventurers had planned to go to San Francisco today on a number of home-related errands, well in advance of the devastating fires in Butte County that is causing the Bay Area to be shrouded in smoke.

D at Harding Park - 1They left Maggie at home, as she seemed to be wheezing a bit, maybe a result of their Sunday walk.

First stop was design center and then they headed to Lake Merced, which they had once walked the 4.5 mile circumference a couple years back.

That wasn’t going to happen this time but they did have a nice stroll around Harding Park, a golf course Booka surely would have played numerous time. Maybe he even won the amateur City championship there.

The real reason for getting to that side of the City was so that they could have lunch at Westlake Joes. As alway, a very good decision…

Two walks in city/easy/2.5 miles

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1 Response to Seeing San Francisco through clouds of smoke

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Glad to see you out and about. The skies look horrible to me, and you’re wise to keep Maggie safe inside. Again, great to see you recently. I loved our walk along the coast!
    The wedding was lovely and a good reunion of the Terrys. We have both our sons’ families coming for Thanksgiving— for the first time in 4 years. We’re excited.

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