Enjoying Thanksgiving with family and friends

kiddos at Thanksgiving dinner - 1

With the skies finally clear of smoke thanks to a good drenching of rain, the Adventurers headed over to Moraga to have Thanksgiving dinner with John and Julie and the kiddos and one of John’s first (and best) bosses Van and his niece. It was a good group.

Grace blows bubbles - 1While waiting for the main event (the meal, of course), they played some fun games that are thinking games, not video games but a part of the Play Station package. One you had to out lie your fellow competitors and the other was responding to a question in a funny way, even when, you weren’t really funny. What was great was that it engaged all ages.

Somewhere along the way, the kiddos disappeared for awhile and James emerged as Janie. Why the transformation from boy to girl we aren’t sure why, but a bit of an irony as his sister will not wear any girlie clothes. Of also note: He beat his Dad by a number of grade levels. It was in 6th grade in South Pasadena that John and his cronies all dressed up as girls for Halloween, well, actually singers like Madonna and Dolly Parton.

Dinner was delicious and the company was excellent. A lovely way to spend the holiday that kicks off the holidays…

James as girl - 1

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