Making a trip to the Auto Show in San Francisco

D at Auto Shot by surfcamp truck - 1

Some years ago L and D went up to the Auto Show held annually in November in San Francisco but the the past three years, D has attended with good friend Jeff, who is now in Reno. So it was up to L to fill the void.

The only issue was the weather, not for the show itself, of course, but for the walk from the train station to Moscone Center and back. They wore their rain duds and boots and decided they’d brave the walk, which was fine going and wet and soggy coming back. But you dry out.

L in VW Beetle convertible - 1

There was nothing that really excited them except for a couple of new Lexus models that surprised them. L has yearned for German while her mechanic has said, “only of you want to give me more business.” Maybe one of the Lexus models would make a good substitution.

The most fun as it was when they first attended was the great collection of classic cars displayed by Academy of Art Design. Students were on had drawing models of the future.

Alas, they were roped off, so no poising. D settled for a cool surf wagon while L went retro with a Beetle convertible….

Walk/easy/2.65 miles

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