A visit to Victorian London via the Great Dickens Christmas Fair

L and D as characters - 1

L thinks she was vaguely aware of the Great Dickens Christmas Fair, not surprising since its been an annual holiday treat since 1970. But she hadn’t been interested in attending, not had D.

The Cobbler and the Elf - 1But with the Kiddos coming for an overnight, it seemed an opportunity to take in in, especially as she’d heard good things about it. Given the Kiddos’ imagination, it seemed like a potential winner.

The initial take was wrinkled noses – too much dancing and singing, but they made their way to the children’s area and there was a quick turnaround of opinion. First up was painting some Christmas ornaments, which they did on their own.

Nearby were a number of carnival type games that recorded throwing things either through  something or knocking something over. Here their good pitching arms came through.

D and James in masks - 1They wandered out of the children’s area to take in some other sights. L had thought of more interactions with costumed participants and less booths selling stuff, some of which was really expensive, like the masks at $150.

Grace had spotted a place to make Fairy Houses and set in on the multi-step process. James declined until (too late) he saw there was an option to build fairy fortresses. “I’m going to do that next year” turned into “can we come back tomorrow?”

The Adventurers and the kiddos both poised in the character cut outs (and are pleased with the outcome.)

Grace working on her fairy house - 1It was well after lunch when they left, so they stopped at the Seven Mile House just down the street from the Cow Palace where the Christmas Fair was held. Operating since 1858, it serves  up a unique mix of homestyle Italian/American/Filipino food. Its the only mile house left standing in its original location, and has a colorful history from its rebel days in the 1800s, to a trucker/biker hangout, and an infamous sports gambling joint in the 80s. Today there’s just an eclectic mix of people and dogs. And good food…


Seven Mile Roadhouse - 1

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