Sunday in MP with the kiddos ends with visit to Santa

James and Grace at Santa - 1The Sunday started as most do when the kiddos spend the night. A bit after 8:00 am, one, then the other climbs into bed with the Adventurers who are ready the paper. Maggie goes bonkers, as she’s been positioned with her head to the door waiting for them.

Regular Sunday continued with breakfast at Borrone and then a trip to the Farmers Market, stopping at Walgreens along the way to get ingredients to make slime. The rules had been preset – it must happen outdoors and stay outdoors. It’s kind of mad scientist kind of activity.

D when off to marshal at the golf course and the kiddos and L hung out until it was time  to meet Julie at the Stanford Shopping Center where they had a 3:00 appointment to see Santa, the same one they’ve seen since they were both wee ones because he’s the best.

It was a bit of a push this year because 11-year-old Grace is no longer a believer and James has some doubts, although in that strategic stage where it’s best to play along. He was clearly the excited one, although Grace did get a good glimmer in her eye.

The question: after 10 consecutive years, will this be it? Alas, L thinks it’s likely. A good run…

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