Revisiting an old favorite Portola Valley trail ahead of the rain

Windy and Frog Pond on P V R hike - 1

There was a practical reason that L thought about the Sweet Spring Trail off Alpine Road in Portola Valley, a favorite during the Cassie years, as a good choice for today. It’s quite near Roberts Market and there was neither lunch or diner in the house.

K and the Mag on Sweet Springs Trail - 1What L didn’t remember was why this trail had fallen off the “go-to” list. True, the distance is only three miles but it requires a good initial pull up and walking through a lovely forest of  mossy oaks and madrone before coming out at the far end of Portola Valley Ranch itself.

But the up and down continues and it’s interesting  to watch what homeowners of this area that was developed in the ’60s are doing to modernize the already modern homes.

L didn’t remember what the route was once they Deer Path joined Valley Oak, so they continued along the quite streets eventually passing Frog Pond Park (top with Windy Hill in the distance) and the local schoolbefore making their way back to where the car was parked at Roberts. A good outing and food buying combined…

Hike/easy with one good long pull/3.25 miles

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