What to do on a very rainy day?

Canyon Inn_exterior - 1

This morning Maggie was scheduled to be groomed, and usually the Adventurers take the opportunity to go on a hike on a trail where dogs aren’t allowed. That was not an option today, as it was not only raining by there was thunder and lightening.

EAster Cross in Redwood City - 1They’d hoped for a break in the weather but when that didn’t happen they headed home before heading back to Redwood City to have lunch at the landmark Canyon Inn, which is right across from the grooming parlor.

With a number of beer gardens much closer, neither were sure if they’d every  been there  before. The menu was huge but they settled for a the good Canyon Inn Burger. L hoped to get back and interview the owner for story on local roadhouses.

After picking up Maggie, D decided to literally wind his way back to Menlo and they found themselves on some very narrow, twisty roads in the Emerald Hills neighborhood.

Their mission was to find the street that the cross, which is visible from 280. They got close and may go back for further exploration…


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