Exploring a new trail at an old favorite preserve

D and the Mag on top trail - 1

The Adventurers and The Mag have explored Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve dozens of times, but today was a bit different.

D and the Mag on Polly trail - 1First off, they awoke to pea soup dense fog of the kind that they both remarked they’d seldom seen since they were kids growing up here. They could barely see Kay’s house across the street.

So L bundled up and [foolishly] left her dark glasses at home. Who da thunk she’d need them.

But they were no further than Woodside Road as they headed north when they were in bright sunshine. Seems the tule like fog was specific to Menlo and environs.

One reason for the Pulgas visit was to photograph dogs in the off leash area for a story L is writing for Punch, so their first deviation was to head take the Hassler Trail which contains the long dog friendly area.

Then instead of doing their usual long loop, the took, for the first time the Polly Geraci Trail, which turned out to be quite lovely and joined the longer trail at the bridge over the waterless creek. Naturally, The Mag was disappointed because she knew where the water was supposed to me.

With all of the busyness going on, it was nice to get out but do a hike less time consuming…

Hike/moderate for the good pull uphill initially/2.75 miles

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