Walking Wavecrest with a good loop trail

checking out the waves - 1

The Adventurers have walked the coast trails dozens of times but today’s route took a slightly different spin.

They parked at the Poplar St. lot and headed south towards the Ritz Carlton, thinking that may be their turnaround point, although L warned that it was further away than it looked.

About a quarter a mile from the parking lot, they entered the Wavecrest area that is watched over by POST and the Coastal Land Trust and known for its many species of birds. They did see a number of small hawks.

painterly grey skies - 1

When they reached Redonda Road, they realized the hotel was indeed further away than they wanted to venture given the busyness of the day. So they looped back along an interior trail well back from the bluff that L had discovered while walking with friend Ginger a month or so back.

This took them past the Wavecrest Open Space stand of trees and then through another stand of trees before they reached the parking lot. It was a scenic walk on a day when the sky was ever changing and the surf was high – and slated to get higher with an incoming storm.

Just for good measure, they explored downtown Half Moon Bay after their lunch at the San Benito House, and got in another mile plus.

Walk/easy with some bumpy trails at Wavecrest/5 miles

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1 Response to Walking Wavecrest with a good loop trail

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Hey, that’s a familiar view! ❤️ Thanks for showing me the way!

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