Back in the East Bay but at a brand new park, Quarry Lakes

Quarry Lakes_hori_nu - 1

kayak fisherman_Quarry Lakes - 1The Adventurers and The Mag headed once again across the Dumbarton Bridge to the East Bay this morning. It might not have been their first choice, but L had left her prized quilted jacket at the Dog Haus on Tuesday, and the nice people there were holding it for her to pick up.

So across the bridge they went again. Their destination to walk (too flat to call it a hike) was Quarry Lakes, a series of lakes offering fishing and kayaking (they will be back for the latter.)

It was brisk and not as clear as when they were there on Tuesday, but there were all sorts of unusual things to do there, like going a plant and tree scavenger hunt. Time prevented a thorough exploration – they’ll be back.

One fun sight was a cat (yellow dot in photo below) tending a flock of geese that were three times his/her size. Neither the geese nor the cat seemed to be bothered by each other, but when the cat saw Maggie, much smaller than any geese, the cat took off running. Guess it was a cat and dog thing, but really…

cat hanging with geese_Quarry Lakes - 1

Walk/easy/2.2 miles

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