Lots of wedge climbs on new trail

L and The Mag and D on Larry Lane - 1

Looking for a new trail to conquer, L had done a little reading about the Larry Lane Trail in Portola Valley. She’d hiked it once in the Cassie years but recalled it very, very short.

secret Buddha - 1The map on the Portola Valley trails website showed that it had been extended  beyond what L remembered, so the Adventurers and The Mag set out to give it a try on a very chilly California morning.

The trail is named for one of the Sunset founders and two adjoining trails, the Joan Tagg trail and Herb Dengler trail are also named for people who were once Portola Valley residents (now deceased). It was fun to learn that Joan was Bobby Fisher’s sister, and she taught him to play chess!

The trail takes off from Portola Valley and goes up, sometimes very steeply, what the Adventurers call “good wedges.” There’s also a beautiful meadow which is open to hiking via an easement on private land. They’re glad they read the sign closely so they were able to enjoy it. Coming back down they came across a mini Buddha shrine.

The encountered just one other hiker – and his two dogs – and The Mag was able to enjoy a fair amount of off leash time. She does seem to enjoy the freedom!

They’ll return to this trail when they need a short trail with a lot of bang for the buck, exercise wise…

D and the Mag head up the meadow - 1

Hike/moderate with a few very steep wedges/2. 6 miles

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