Starting off 2019 with a butt kicker of a hike

At Portola discovery site - 1

The cold snap continues, which makes for extra clear skies. All the more reason to hike to a destination that provides great views.

D and the Mag with San Bruno mountain in background - 1At their New Years Eve dinner last night, the Adventurers heard that a number of the men had hiked up to Sweeney Ridge along the Mori Ridge trail; the Adventurers had done it once years ago from Sneath Lane on the opposite side of the ridge line. Given that one of the men was in his mid-80s and the other mid-90s, they decided to give the ocean side trail a trail.

Wow, what a butt kicker. You start steeply up and then it gets steeper and steeper. Nevetheless the climbed steadily finally reaching the ridge top which holds a long abandoned Nike missile site, full of graffiti like others they had seen, along with the spot where Portola “discovered” San Francisco Bay. It was at this spot that a fellow hiker took their photo.

The 360 views were incredible and when they were on top it seemed like half the northern Peninsula was there with them, people were a dozen different nationalities, all feeling ambitious enough to get out and enjoy the new year, wishing fellow hikers a “happy new year” along the way.

Steep up means steep down and they were both glad they had their poles. And Maggie was glad to get a lot of off leash time…

Hike/moderate to hard due to the steep wedges/5.2 miles

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