Walking West Cliff Drive and stumbling on a new pathway

play equipment for the mag - 1

D had a yearning for his old surfing grounds of Santa Cruz, so the Adventurers headed over the hill this morning.

d and the mag near a natural bridge - 1Given that they were still feeling the effects of being beaten up on the 1st, the idea of a nice flat stroll had a lot of appeal, especially one that had lots to look at both ocean side and home side.

There are numerous mansions West Cliff Drive which has a walking/bicycling path nest to it. And there are the various surfing areas, one near the Dream Inn for beginners and the famous Steamers Lane, with surf that looked to be five and six feet high. Another area was popular with boogie boarders.

The mansions gave way to Lighthouse Field State Beach, which had adjoining land with trails and a very good cafe, where they ate lunch on the return.

They even managed to stumble on a new pathway, the site of an old Santa Cruz streetcar line that is now a designated Bark Park with equipment reserved solely for canines. There are signs warning humans to stay off! Maggie tried out a few but seemed a bit puzzled by the whole concept. Of course, the sniffs of other dogs made up for it.

When they were eating lunch, they could hear multiple languages, assuring that Santa Cruz remains a world-class destination…

guys on rock outcrop - 1

Walk/easy/4 miles

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