Enjoying the barnyard animals at Hidden Villa with the kiddos

grace and james with sheep_lead - 1

james holds chicken - 1L had a purpose in taking the kiddos, along with The Mag, to Hidden Villa today. She thinks it would be a great summer camp for James, who really likes animals.

On the drive out to Los Altos Hills, James was adamant that he was not interested. Twenty minutes after being there, he wanted to know when day camp started!

Hidden Villas is tucked in a hollow off of Moody Rd., and it was nippy in the shade. But as long as you kept moving, it was a great day to visit with just a handful of other families.

L and D realized The Mag had never been around farm animals, and she was quite intrigued as were the sheep, in particular, about her. She gave them dutiful sniffs and some nice licks that they didn’t seem to mind.

Pictures tell the story here, so there are plenty…

maggie kisses sheep - 1

grace with pig - 1

Walk/easy/1.5 miles

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