Spoiling the kiddos at Sky High

on trampolines - 1

The kiddos had hardly arrived Thursday evening when they started lobbying to go to Sky  High. No surprise: the Adventurers had not heard of the place.

But it was a rainy day, so off they went to the Santa Clara location. It was on the other side of 101 from where Levi’s Stadium and Great America are located. But it was well surrounded by other amusements like Pump It Up (for little kids, the kiddos proclaimed) and a go-cart place (for another day).

Sky High is all about trampolines but not all the same kind. There are the straight trampolines. But here is also Dodge Ball trampoline and other trampolines that kids jump on and fall into foam cubes.

Then there is the sort of zip line. It didn’t have the speed of the one at Evergreen Lodge. But to get to it, the kiddos had to climb there tall cylinders. Gracie made it to the top on her three tries; James chose to take his flight two posts earlier.

But both Kiddos said it was the best thing today.

The afternoon included quite aka alone time before they reconvened for dinner. And a mean Yatzee competition which L won in the best game she’s ever had.

Now time to watch “Where the Wild Things Are”…

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