The new trail phenomena continues – this in Woodside with a hidden gem

shadowy in woodside - 1The Mag had a grooming appointment this morning, and while the Adventurers knew about it, they weren’t quite prepared. Nor did they have a “hike without Maggie” planned.

So after dropping her off at Dogz101, they headed to Buck’s for breakfast to plot their course.

They decided to find out where Jane Dr. would take them, maybe under 280 they thought. Whether it does or doesn’t go under 280, they discovered a kind of secret wonderland of open space with a trail dedicated to Helen Sweyer and another (that they didn’t go on) to Joan Olson.

In trying to connect back to Jane Dr., they went down a very, very steep section that was muddy. L needed poles, which she hadn’t brought thinking they’d be on country lanes.

They made it and then wove back down through Woodside Glens, a neighborhood they’d seen signs for but never explored.

They’ll return to this area, the next with The Mag…

Hike/mainly easy with one very tough stretch/4 miles

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