A return to lovely Playa Escondida

beach at playa escondida - 1 copyLast June, after their rather grueling (but wonderful) trip to South Africa, the Adventurers pondered where they could go in early 2019 that would be relaxing, where they would not have to on the go.

They research some spots, eliminated many of the hot spot Caribbean places as not only does it take a long time to get there, high season equates to high prices. Their no brain was “let’s go back to Playa Escondida” where they’d visited in February 2017.

The resort if outside Sayulia but a world away from that bustling town. It sets in the jungle which descends to the beach. Many casitas, such as theirs, are open air (that can be closed at night. The sound of the surf is loud – making ear plugs a necessity at night.

sunset at playa escondida - 1

They were greeted by owner Diego and server/bar tender extraordinaire Armando, who’s they’d met two years ago, enjoyed a welcome drink which they sorely needed after negotiating Puerto Vallarta airport, which was packed beyond belief – almost an hour to get through customers (including luggage collection and then the half mile back to to end of the line – wow).

After getting settled and a short rest, they headed down to the beach for drink and to watch the sunset. Dinner was on the veranda followed by Yatze in the room.  D had won of his highest score ever – 387. Wow…

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