A reminder that walking town and back is non-trivial – but well worth it

d at sayulita sign - 1

The Adventurers said they wanted some activity today and they got it. When they were here two years ago, they’d walked into Sayulia a couple of times by two different routes, scrambling the rock and through the jungle. L did not like the former.

So  it was off through the jungle they went this morning. Well, up through the jungle is a better description as its a steep climb from Playa Escondida which sits on the water up to the roads the take you into Sayulia. The first mile a a steady pull up.

cemetary outside of sayulia - 1

The jungle trail then levels off on packed roadways. They could hear the sounds of the jungle but didn’t spot anything as they made their way along, pass the Playa de los Muertos, aptly named as its adjacent to a good sized – and very colorful – cemetery.

ms iguana - 1Once into town they wandered around a bit looking a shop windows and trying to remember where Mary’s restaurant was, which they found and had a good lunch. On one side street they watched iguana lounging in the trees. ‘

There was a bit more wandering before they headed back, taking one wrong turn which made them back track bit. Then it was the last steep downward push. Ah, their tired legs needed a rest before dinner.

Note: L got walloped at Yatzee once again after dinner…

Hike/5.25 miles/moderate with a few steep pulls

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