Giving San Pancho a more thorough exploration

umbrellas on beach at san pancho - 1

San Pancho ( real name San Francisco) is a Nayarit town for people who feel Sayulita has gotten way too big (and it has, hence the Adventurers decision to stay outside of town at Playa Escondida). They went there for dinner on their last trip here, and decided to go into town for lunch today, hoping to eat at Barracuda like they had the last time.

ceviche with octopus - 1Alas, it was either not open for lunch or closed on Mondays (they haven’t checked). But with a good hour to kill before it was time to eat, they headed down the beach to a point where the rocks wouldn’t let them go any further. Along the way the passed some large villas with huge gardens. Quite impressive.

L likes the composition of the photo of the umbrellas with the people’s clothing matching the umbrellas. Going back into town they spotted a hot dog concession not unlike Dad’s in Half Moon Bay.

L brought a Frida t-shirt at a clothing store and the proprietor steered them to her relatives new restaurant called Limbo. There L got her octopus fix, a ceviche that also featured shrimp and scallops. It was excellent…

hot dogs from vw bus - 1

Walk/took some work given the sand and cobblestones/3 miles

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